Auditing School Districts Since 1984

Jeanette L. Garcia & Associates
is a local firm providing service in the area of audit, general accounting, and financial and management consulting services. 
We have a wide range of experiences in auditing and management services with an emphasis in audits
of local educational agencies. 
Nearly one hundred percent of our gross revenues are generated from providing auditing and other services
to local educational agencies.
What we do
  • Audits for school districts and other local education agencies (LEAs)
  •  Special audits of internal controls, attendance accounting and associated student body funds
  • In-service training
How we do it
  • By maintaining objectivity and emphasizing thoroughness, while keeping a helpful, considerate, and approachable attitude towards our clients.
  • By having open communication with our clients throughout the year.

Where we do it
  • Although our office is physically located in Southern California, we travel throughout the State of California.
  •  Because of technology, distance does not have to be an issue.